Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, June 15, 2015


It was awesome to hear from you! :D I love you so much!! :). Elder Sales is cool, he's about a year into his mission and I don't know where from in the Bay Area. We are getting along pretty well I think and hopefully that will continue. :) The new area is a little different and so is the ward. They are a cool ward and seem nice, but I've only met a couple people so far because everyone's so busy. The bishop has 3 jobs. :o It was hard because I saw my RC, Jerry on Sunday and it broke my heart a little because I couldn't sit with him at sacrament meeting and stuff. That was super hard. :(  I'm just really bummed that I can't do more to help him. He's a stud, and when he goes on his mission to the States when he's 18 or 19, I'm going to take him out to eat. :)

The apartment actually doesn't have any hot water right now, so I've just given up on the idea of having a hot shower again for these next 2 years. :) There  are just the 2 of us in our apartment, which has pros and cons. We have a cell phone between the two of us. :) 

Oh no! Bummer about the Cavs! :( Hopefully they can still pull it off. :) That's awesome about the women's team!! :D Hopefully they'll win!! 

I love you a ton and I really miss you. I always pray for you, too. :) 

Elder Fleming

new apartment
I have my own bathroom!! :D
Spare rooms :) It was going to be a 4 man, but there aren't enough missionaries right now to do that. 
Study room
There's a gas station literally right in front of the temple. It was a little weird. :)