Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bonus Email and Pictures 6/10/15

I saw one of my friends from high school! She is a Sister Missionary and I guess she's in the Taizhong mission with us! It was cool to see her. :) It was her first week here in Taiwan. Also I saw one of my friends from the MTC, who was a few weeks younger than me there in Taipei at the temple! :) It was pretty cool and I'm glad I'm not so new anymore. :) I thought that it was so weird that I was already starting my 6th month the other day. :o The time has been going by really fast for me! Maybe time is faster here in Taiwan... ;) 

I can't remember if I showed you that picture of the crazy spider or not, but here it is again. :) Elder Bak tried to kill it last week, then it jumped at him, so he screamed like a girl and jumped away, but he jumped high!! :) We ended up throwing a basketball at it, which broke its leg and then squished it like a bug ;) It was pretty gross and a little frightening. :)

 I like the new pin and I'm excited it's not green anymore. ;) (on his missionary board)

I love you, too and it's been awesome to hear from you! :D
Elder Fleming

Elder Bak and I right before he left. :'( 
My new companion, Elder Sales! :)
President Blickenstaff, Elder Sales and I in front of the Taipei Temple. :)
Taipei Temple