Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hello Fam! 6/21/15

As always, it was sooo good to hear from you guys!! :D I love getting and reading your emails every week! :)I'm glad you're all doing well! Also, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!! :D It's been pretty busy here, and I've been getting along with my companion still, yay! :) I really wish I could do more, though. I wish I could study faster, teach better and help out this ward. It's hard when you work hard and push yourself and don't see the results you want. :/ Oh well, It's still going well and we are still seeing miracles and blessings and stuff, but I wish I could do even more! :) Anyway, a couple funny and cool stories of the week:

1. We went tracting a few days ago, and tracted into an Ama (grandma). She was actually super nice and about 75 years old. She kept insisting that we come inside and sit down with her. There wasn't another male in the house, but I didn't know it at the time, so I just said "okay!" and we went inside. Then, she insisted on buying us a drink, so she had us stay in the house, as she left us alone in her house as she walked out the door, down the street to a little store where she bought us drinks. :) It was really funny and a little uncomfortable. :) She came back with coca cola. I'm pretty sure she had Alzheimer's, because she asked if I was married about 20 or so times and kept telling my companion that he looked Taiwanese. :) I gave her a pamphlet, because I wanted to help her out, and then she asked if the picture of Jesus on the cover was my Dad. Haha. :) It was really funny and kind of refreshing to have someone so nice answer the door like that. Usually people are really nice here, but not usually that nice. :) We had to leave a little while later, because there wasn't another guy there. :)

2. The second story was Elder Sales and I were trying to visit a Less-Active, and at the bottom of his house was a ice restaurant. As we were walking in, a lady pulled up to us and asked if we had eaten at the restaurant before. We hadn't and she said she'd buy us some stuff from there! We just figured, "ok, maybe she's a member or something and we can sit down with her and get in a lesson at the restaurant." She told us to sit down in the restaurant as she ordered our food. Then, as we were sitting and after she had paid, she just left. She had bought us two things of shaved ice, and bought to more to take to go when we left. I was in shock! It was super cool!! :D I just wish I could've known who she was and thanked her more and stuff! Neither Elder Sales nor I knew her. It was really weird, but super cool!!   

Mom, you asked me how my language and stuff was coming. It's been ok, but I feel like it's not coming fast enough. :/ I'm getting better and and understanding more and more, which was good. :) 
Elder Fleming

The view from our apartment... mmm, palm trees. :)
I've also been learning Chinese chess 
The super good view from the other Elder's apartment--it was beautiful!! 
Jedi Elder Braydon playing with an investigator while we were on exchanges. :)  

a massive cockroach that was in the other Elders' apartment. Elder Braydon spent about 10 to 15 minutes trying to kill it. :) It was super gross!! :) We were told soap would kill it, but nope!! We ended up killing it by smashing it's head off with a water bottle. :)
The other one is of a super good dessert pizza that we ate on Monday. It had a bunch of chocolate and ice cream on it. :)