Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, August 10, 2015

8/10/15 颱風來了!! (typhoon came)

Hehe I learned how I could use pin yin to type characters. :) The subject says "the typhoon is here" or that the "typhoon came" :) I thought I'd tell you my typhoon story. :) 

So the storm hit on Friday night, but at that time we were already inside (it was after 9). The next morning was pretty calm, and we even got a lesson with one of our investigators! Around 3ish is when the rest of the typhoon hit. We were in a more rural area about a 15 minute bike ride from the apartment. It started raining really hard first. Then the wind came. I felt pretty cool, standing out in the middle of the rain and wind. I wish my camera was waterproof so I could've taken some pictures. :) We were trying to find a less-active (LA), but we couldn't find him. We went to take shelter in a nearby 7-11 (they're all over Taiwan). Then a few minutes later, we went tracting and tracted into a lesson with a family that let us in because of the typhoon. We had a lesson with them and they said that they might come to church if the typhoon wasn't still in Taiwan. We left their house around 5. About 5 is when it was at its worst, from 5 until about 8 I think. At 5, President had issued a call or a text to everyone to return home and wait out the storm, but our phone was broken, because it got too wet, so we didn't know that. We went and found a really good restaurant and ate dinner, then used a payphone to ask the other Elders what was going on. That's when they told us that we were told to go back to our apartments. (At that time it was about 2 hours after we were told to go back to our apartment). We got to hang out in our apartment at 6 until the next day. :) It was like getting the night off! :) So Elder Davis and I tried to dry off the phone and played chess that night and then went to bed. :) that's my typhoon story. :) It felt like a prolonged micro-burst that we get in Utah, but the wind was a little worse and there was rain. It was kind of dangerous to be outside, but we were still ok. :) 

I have a good scripture, too. :) 3 Nephi 8:16 ;) "And there were some who were carried away in the whirlwind; and whither they went no man knoweth, save they know that they were carried away." 

Woa, Uncle Glenn's going to be the bishop WHAT?! ;) That's really cool he will be the bishop! :)

Elder Fleming

Our attempt to dry off our phone to help fix it (it didn't work). :)
The view of the typhoon from our window. :)