Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, August 24, 2015

好久不見!(long time no see)

     Hey, long time no see! I wanted to write you all a quick email and sum up the week and stuff. :) This week was pretty cool and we were able to find some people! Yay!! :D Last Monday was pretty fun and the 4 Elders in Yuan Lin all went to go play pool! Then on Tuesday we got a miracle referral and lesson. Wednesday was English class where we found a couple new investigators and then Thursday we went on companion exchanges. I was able to go with Elder Brayden. It was super cool, because we were able to give a couple investigators some baptismal goals! We've also been meeting with a super cool family for the last transfer and a half. The parents are both less-active members and their daughter is 10 and hasn't been baptized yet. We were able to give their daughter a baptismal goal and commit the dad to baptize her (and for the family to return to activity)! It was super cool!! :D I'm super excited for them!! :D Then on Friday (or maybe Saturday, I forgot), we went to this place called burger planet. It looked good and burger places are harder to find here. It was really good but the best part was that we expected it to have maybe a space theme, but it had a twist. It had a space cat theme! Haha it was hilarious and really awesome!! They had giant cats in astronaut suits on the walls! It was super fun and cracked us up! Then, to make it even better, they had a bunch of live cats in the store! :) They were just hanging out in the store and you could go pet them and stuff. It was awesome and hilarious! :) We are going back today, so I'll try to get some pictures today. :) 
     I took pictures with a bunch of people with the ward because this is probably my last week  in Yuan Lin, and probably my last time emailing from the bat cave. :/ We are going to be moving on Friday, because of all the new people coming on the island, and my name was on a list of people who will probably be moving. So we'll see what happens and where I go. I hope that they call us soon, because they told me that I might be moving and that the move call telling us where we would go would come soon and then we still haven't gotten it. :/ So I've been having a hard time sleeping since Saturday. :/
     I bore my testimony yesterday. Hopefully I'll be better at that in Sacrament meetings when I get back and can use English. ;) 
     That's good about the dirt and that the yard seems to be coming along pretty quickly! Maybe it just seems quickly to me because I only hear about it once a week. ;) The typhoon missed us and went up to Japan and Korea. No typhoon day this week. :) 
     Anyway, other than that, my companion and I went to this place to eat and there was this soap opera on about people who grow beans and stuff like for milk and coffee and stuff. It was super funny and random! :) They had also somehow incorporated the mafia. :) 
     Anyway, that was about my week. :) Love you guys so much and you're always in my prayers. :)

Elder Fleming

Yi Kai and his wife, Huang Jie Mei and their kid who's super cute!! 
Liu Jie Mei and her son Yu Bo You (Helen and John) 
These are pictures of a Taiwanese marriage proposal at a ward activity in our gym in the middle of a singing competition. :) ...In case you were wondering what that looked like. ;) 
More proposal singing competition pics
The less active part member family I've been working with who now have a goal to come back to church. :D 
A cat from burger planet 
Playing pool and Elder Brayden stood up his pool stick like that. And then we left it there like that because it was cool :)
Elder Brayden's stained shirt from the red bricks
Us with our investigator, Felix. He's super funny!