Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Taiwan Taichung Mission-Typhoon Soudelor

email received early 8/7/15

Dear Parents of Taiwan Taichung Missionaries,

As perhaps you are already aware, typhoon Soudelor is expected to hit Taiwan sometime this evening (local time) with high winds and drenching rains lasting at least 24 hours. It is apparently the worst tropical storm so far in 2015. Current weather projections indicate that the hardest hit areas in Taiwan will be the east coast and northern regions. Our mission covers the southern half of Taiwan and does not include any of the east coast. Regardless, we are still expecting and preparing for severe weather.

All missionaries have been notified to “stay close enough to home that they could walk back in case of severe wind or rain.” They are repeatedly counseled not to ride bicycles during high wind and/or rain. All missionaries have 72-hour kits that were recently checked and replenished.

We appreciate your faith and prayers on behalf of our missionaries and all those who will be affected by this storm.

Warm regards,

President Blickenstaff
Taiwan Taichung Mission