Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Double Emails 11/30/15 and 12/2/15

It was kind of weird not to be home for Thanksgiving, but it was never really my favorite holiday. I was more bummed I was missing Halloween! :) Thanksgiving was good, we at a teppenyaki which is super good here! :D They don't flip random food like shrimp into your mouth like in the States, which is nice. :) I really like it here, and you'll have to try it if we all come back as a family. :)

They don't have daylight savings here, which I find pretty annoying, because in the Spring, summer and fall the sun is up at like 5:40. :/ It's still pretty warm here, though. :) I haven't needed a jacket yet, but I've had to wear my long-sleeve shirt a couple times though. :) I'm becoming one of those people we make fun of that think it's cold when it's in the 70's. :o 

yay Christmas! I love Christmas and that will be weird not to be there for it. It doesn't really feel like Christmas here though besides some decorations in some of the stationary stores, so it's not making me miss home too much which is good. :) 

The week was good and it's really good to see the Christmas decorations! :D ...and carpet! They don't really have carpet here. :/ I hope Portland wins! :) 

The visit from Elder Stevenson was awesome and was a huge spiritual boost! I felt like I was able to learn a lot from him and I was also able to just relax and enjoy what they had to say. :) it was super cool to have the whole mission together. :) I was able to see my old companions (except Elder Bak), and MTC district. :) It was really cool! It's really rare that we have the entire mission together; I think the Christmas party is usually the only time the entire mission gets together at once.  

That will be really cool to have Emma Leah and Becca all there in Utah--and also Tyler, too when I get home! That's awesome! :D 

We actually changed this transfer. I'm teaching the intermediate class, now (English class). It's kind of a bummer that we aren't teaching the kids anymore, but at the same time it's nice not to hear my students being loud and dealing with some of the mom-drama. (They want their kids to learn different things and stuff; I'm guessing you know all about that.) ;) Yeah, they combined on the 5th Sunday here too, there are just a few less people to combine than Utah. :) 

I'm not sure when we Skype. I just know that our Christmas activity is on the 10th. I'm really excited because it's temple trip this week! :D If I go down south, it might be one of my last for a while. :( I only have about an hour today, and then I get to email for an hour on Wednesday! :D 

Simple Christmas is always nice. :) I think I'm going to go to Taiwan for Christmas this year... oh wait, I'm already here. ;) Oh yeah.

Elder Fleming

 I miss Christmas music. It's a bummer not to be able to listen to it, especially now that Thanksgiving is over.

I think one of my favorite scriptures now is Alma 12:5. I like how it says that according to our faith, we can change ourselves and I feel like on my mission, I've developed faith and, in turn, I have seen changes in myself. I hope that I can continue to develop my faith throughout my life in order to make good changes in myself. :)  

Elder Fleming

My MTC district at the Elder Sevenson thingy! :D 
Awesome RC's feeding us after church on Sunday :) 
Proof I don't look good in glasses :) 
Temple sign :) 
Temple :) 
More temple and also My son and I (that's what we call our trainees on the mission) :) 
More picture of my son and I and also those trees are actually not palm trees; they're a tree that they make a drug called Bing Lang (beetle nut) it's like tobacco but grosser because it turns red and when people spit it out it looks like blood and it's super nasty. :) I thought it was hilarious that they were growing on the temple grounds. (At least I'm 95% sure it's beetle nut, it might not be but I'm pretty sure it is). :) So it's like the equivalent of a tobacco plant on the Salt Lake Temple grounds. :)  
Lake and a park from the bus. :)