Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, December 7, 2015

Emails 12/7/15

Woohoo!!! :D Go Timbers!!! :D That's awesome Dawson bore his testimony! That must have been awesome! :) 

That's really cool that the BYU players came to your class and talk to your kids. I bet they loved that! :) That's funny that your kids wanted hugs and autographs. :) I remember when I was younger, a couple BYU football players came and talked to us for a devotional or something. I remember that I thought it was sooo cool! :)

Things are going well here. I also had a dream that I came home last week, actually. :) I haven't had many of those dreams lately. It was cool. I had a dream I came home and it was my first day after getting back. I came downstairs and you asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to hang out with you. So you put in a Christmas movie and we watched it together. :) 

I had a good week. I don't know exactly what to say. More of the same, which isn't bad. :) I'm getting excited for Christmas! I'm super excited to talk to you guys and Grandma over Skype! :D We went to the temple on Wednesday which was super fun. :) We've been talking about "real intent" a lot lately as a mission and talking about helping people and not being so focused on numbers. I don't really think that I have too much of a problem with it. I am interested in my numbers and I want to do things to improve those numbers, but it's because I want to be helping others come unto Christ, not for number's sake. :) I also think that if we use numbers well to see where we can improve, then they can be useful. 

Anyway, enough rambling. My companion and I were teaching an investigator and I wasn't really feeling in the zone. I also felt like we were really confusing him, too. I said a prayer to help the Spirit come in and testify to him. I got a different answer than I expected. A few minutes later, I had this thought: "I would be way more effective right now on the road talking to people than here." I realized that was my answer. Instead of finishing the lesson, which would have gone until about 9 and just heading home afterward, we ended and did some contacting. I was glad that we ended there, because we probably would have confused our investigator more and while we were on the road, we were able to meet a pretty cool guy who had interest in coming to church! Even though he didn't come to church and he didn't give us his contact information, I felt that I did the right thing and was glad that I followed the Spirit. Hopefully, I'll be able to see more of the blessings that came from that decision in the near future. :) If not, oh well, it will be a good model for me to follow in the future. :) 

Woohoo Christmas songs! I love that! (After Thanksgiving.) :) We sang a bunch of Christmas songs in church yesterday, too. :) It was awesome! :D Yeah, I'm excited for Christmas! We've got the mission Christmas activity coming up on the 10th, I get to Skype you on Christmas and it's a great time to have hump day! I've been wondering with the transfer cycle if I'll be going home before Christmas next year. :o It's a great time to reflect, I agree and to re-evaluate my goals and set some new ones and stuff. Love you and I'm glad everyone seems to be doing well! :D Love you lots and I miss you and I'm excited to Skype you on Christmas! :D
Elder Fleming

This is the only new picture I have this week, sorry. :/ Sister Liu and Sister Kuang stole my camera. :)