Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Email Excerpts 12/13/15

(in explanation for the picture above) The district leaders all had to get up and write their averages for the district numbers on the board and usually share a strength and something we want to improve. yeah, it was just a training for the zone; we do it once a month. :) Afterwards, the district leaders do a meeting and talk about our districts and stuff. :) Haha I didn't feel like throwing up with President Blickenstaff there, but the zone leaders looked pretty nervous at first. I don't blame them! :) I also hadn't eaten 2 hamburgers and 2 chocolate milks like when they showed up to my district meeting. :) I think that the tie I was wearing was the swirly one that's red and blue-ish color. It's one of the ones that we got at the missionary store before I left. 50's is nice. :) I'm super excited to Skype you and Grandma! :D Oh also, we got the Skype email today! We can Skype here on the 25th or the 26th, so the 24th or the 25th for you. I'll have about 45 minutes to Skype. :) When would you want to Skype? I'm guessing the church would be good, (to Skype) but we have an awesome member that owns a shop that's closer, and he might have Skype equipment we can use. :) I'm not sure yet.  I'll also have to ask Elder Anderson and see what he wants to do. :) 

(missionary Christmas activity) It was an awesome day!! :D The building was super cool! It took almost an hour to set up the picture. :| It looks nice, though. :) I'm on the right side of the picture behind the first wall. :)  Sun Moon Lake was super fun and we actually went to the Yuan Lin church afterwards to do our Christmas zone conference! :D I was able to see a couple of the members and friends from there before and afterwards! It was awesome!!! :D 

Next transfer is January 4th. It's coming up quick and right before my year mark. :o 

Good luck in the winter storm! :o 

Mom seems really excited that Grandma is coming out to visit. :) I'd be excited too! I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Jack. :( I hope that Grandpa Kip is doing alright and that Uncle Jack is doing well in the Spirit world. 

Things are well here. The ward here is amazing! So far, all the wards I've been in have been super great and I love them so much!! I hope that keeps happening through out my mission! :) It's hard work here but the work isn't hard. ...except for sometimes. ;) Finding has been pretty slow lately. :/ Things are good though and I hope I go somewhere cool and have a good ward and a good companion. :) Elder Anderson is doing well and he gets better and better every day at the work, the language, etc. It's super cool to see how far he's come and in such a short time! :) The language is good. :) I feel fluent in most conversations that I usually have, but if it gets more complicated, it's a little harder. It's alright though, and it's coming. :) I love and miss you too!! :) I pray for you all every day! 

Elder Fleming

Pretty sunset :) 
Me with Yi Wei, a member from Yuan Lin and more sunset picture.
The investigators I was working with back in the Yuan Lin 2nd ward who got baptized after I left! It was super awesome to see their pictures and I miss them so much!! :) 
MTC district plus more, I think I don't know, I didn't get a good look at the picture. :) That's us at the chi dao bao. :) Also it's the people from Lehi (minus a few of us--really, there are like 5 or 6 people in the mission from Lehi right now!) at Sun Moon Lake. :)

Sun Moon Lake pictures. SOO pretty!! :D 
Elder Anderson and I :) Elder Lin and I (he was in my district in Yuan Lin) :) 

Cool bird :)

My new scarf I'm bringing to RSL games. :D It's even the same colors! :D 
view at sun moon lakeThe view and also a sunset. :) 
Cool street at night with pretty red lanterns. :) 
A majestic goat statue we found in TaiZhong last p-day. :)