Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, December 21, 2015

Emails 12/21/15

It's hard to believe that it's snowing in places! I'm wearing a short-sleeve t shirt and I think that it's pretty warm here! I miss the snow, but I won't be missing it next year! :) The snow's nuts! :o That's cool that it will snow for Christmas. I always liked that. :) Yeah, I sent you a package. I know I didn't have to, but I wanted to. Some of the things in it are some books and scriptures I wasn't using and wanted to save for when I got back. :) The other thing is your Christmas presents, which I'm excited for you to get, and I hope you like it. :)  I'm super excited to talk to you, too! :D 

Have fun with Grandma at the family history library! :D I hope Grandma Carter is ok. 

We are going proselyting for Christmas Eve and we have to do weekly planning on Christmas, and afterwards, we will proselyte. :) 

Woohoo! I'm excited for Chinese New Year! :D It's going to be so cool and I'm kind of bummed that I'm only getting one Chinese New Year on my mission. :/ We were thinking about going somewhere nice like a chi dao bao on Christmas or something like that, since we have weekly planning and if we do weekly planning quickly and efficiently enough. :) 

That's super cool for Nicole! I'm glad the meet went fast. ;) My eyes were naturally drawn to the snow in that first picture. I can't believe that there's snow on the ground in some places! :o I'm excited to Skype you! :D We were thinking of the 26th (so the 25th for you) at about 9am probably if that's alright with you. :) We will be at the church we decided. :) 

I like that you send me pictures and emails of things that are going on. :) It's nice to hear and to see what's going on in your lives. I feel like I get to look into a window of sorts every week for a little while and see what you've been up to. I like it. I also know that this is the most important thing I can be doing right now, so it doesn't make me "trunky" :) I don't know if you've heard that term before, but it doesn't distract me from the work or make me homesick; in fact I would probably be homesick if you didn't send that stuff. :) I'm super excited to Skype you all on Christmas! :D I love you all, too!! :D

Elder Fleming

Sweaters that a member gave to us because it was cold lately. :) 
Our new sweaters!! :D They're soo warm and awesome! :D 
Sweaters continued and me with an RC at a Christmas sign in TaiZhong. :) 
Friends from back in Yuan Lin that I saw in TaiZhong as well!! :D 

Alright, these metal bar thingys have a long story behind them. On Saturday, I was on exchanges with the zone leaders and as we came back, we ran into this white guy. He was from Canada and he had these two cane-like pole things. Elder Pennington started talking with him and he ended up being really nice (although a little odd) and talked about how this was the year "where it would all come together" and stuff like that and that he was sharing how Jesus used these cane things to heal Himself after He was crucified. It is a long story and I can tell more about it during Skype if you want. :) He was talking about how we could use them to massage ourselves, we could use them to rub out the pain in our bodies, we could use them to stand up, etc. :) It was really interesting and a funny story. Then he offered to give the four of us them for free! So we got these free cane things to masage ourselves with. :) It was pretty cool! :) He was talking about how you could use them to make the infinity sign, hearts, and a J for Jesus. :) He was a nice guy and really funny. :) 
Santa came to our ward Christmas party on Sunday night! :D He even smelled like Santa, not beef and cheese! ;) 
The party was amazing! We made gingerbread houses, sang and showed Christmas Mormon Messages and ate dinner! :D It was super cool; they had the ward, and then about 60 or 70 non-members that they had invited--all were families! :D It was a great activity for finding and for planting seeds and letting them know that we weren't all crazy white guys who ride our bikes around all day. :) It was a bummer because most of them didn't live in our area, but hopefully the other areas were able to get in contact with them and will be able to start meeting with them. :) 
The English branch here had a Christmas party here and gave us a Christmas duck! :D so we ate that after church as missionaries :) And yes, I did actually kiss the duck on the beak. It was gross. :) 
Our zone leaders opening up and cutting the turkey. :) A Christmas miracle. :) 
The turkey and our Christmas tree. :) Captain America has an "A" for "Angel" is what my companion said. :)