Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Emails 12/28/15

Thanks for all the Christmas pictures! I love seeing them! :) 

Also, I got the package from you on Saturday as we got back from Skyping. It was super awesome, thank you soooo much!!! :D I now get Dad's reference to playing with nerf guns all day as missionaries. ;) I was confused about that during Skype. :) 

I hope that Grandma gets better soon. :/ I'm praying for her. :) 

Elder Fleming

Not many pictures this week, sorry... :/ These are of those balloons you sent me for Halloween. We blew up the red, white and blue ones for Christmas. :) USA! USA! USA! ;) 
These are pictures (I don't know if you can tell how foggy it looks) of the fog on the 23rd (I think it was the 23rd, and also I think it's mostly pollution and not fog) :o