Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Letter Dated 2/6/15

Ok, I've got another good story for you :). It happened yesterday...yesterday or two days ago. :). We went to go teach our investigator again and we just can't get him to focus. He is always working, so he's always really tired when we try to teach him. He isn't very focused and I feel like it's hard for him to feel the Spirit. So, we decided to do an object lesson. At first, we thought it was a great idea! He has a family, and we were trying to get him to understand how the gospel blesses and protects and strengthens families.

We took 2 eggs and wrapped one of them in bubble wrap.--Oh! We got the eggs from breakfast; they're hard boiled. Yum! :D Anyway, we test-dropped the eggs multiple times and became confident that our plan would work.

So, the night came that we were supposed to teach him and we took our eggs. We began our lesson. We explained that the egg represented his family. We said that dropping the egg was like running into trials. We then had him drop the egg into a garbage can. (So we could easily clean up the mess.) he drops it into the garbage can, and my companion goes to get the egg. The look on his face said it all; the egg didn't break. I went over to the garbage can and when I went to pick up the egg, I just smushed it with my hand! I'm sure our investigator noticed, because he looked really confused and a little surprised. That's about when I started laughing. Hard. I just started thinking about what must have been going through our investigator's head; things like, "my metaphorical family was fine, why did he just destroy it?" After about a minute, I was able to compose myself a little better. We explained our families, when  not protected by God, (or when a missionary comes by and destroys them) can have problems.

Then, we wrapped our second egg up in bubble wrap. We had our investigator drop it, and then we took it back. Our mistake this time, I think, was asking him if he wanted to open it. He grabbed it, and as he did so, he must have squeezed just a little too hard, because I saw his hand twitch inward on itself just a tiny bit. I also heard a faint "crack!" noise. Uh oh. I tried and couldn't think of something to say as he unwrapped that egg. He opened it up and of course, the egg was cracked. He looked up in confusion at us and my companion's face was priceless. He was so surprised! I started laughing again! He shouldn't have been so surprised--he squished our egg!! Our investigator shouldn't have looked confused, I know he knows that he squished our egg! It was and still is super funny, though. We tried to say "sorry, bad example," in Chinese to him. He seemed to understand. Like you always say, good stories don't come cheap. :) I figure I can either be mad about our lesson and that it was so awful, or I could laugh about it and try to learn from it. :) My companion has sworn off object lessons forever. Haha! :)

The unseasonably warm weather has been great! My companion from Las Vegas thinks it's cold, though. It's kind of annoying, honestly. It's been like 70 degrees!!

I hope everything is still going well for you there! You're always in my prayers and I always keep you in my heart! Love you!! Zai jian! :)

Elder Fleming (Fang Zhang Lao)