Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter Dated 1/30/15

I'm still well here. I don't really know about my favorite pastime; I don't have much fee time. I spend a lot of free time writing you and in my journal. :) I like talking with my district. I think I am understanding alright now [the language], but when I hear native speakers talk at their regular pace, it's hard to understand. I also don't know enough vocabulary to carry a regular conversation. I can teach a little bit in Chinese, though. :) We are just learning the language. I really want to learn about the culture a little bit, too, and hopefully we will at some point. :) I'm pretty used to the schedule--I'm even starting to remember what meals we have on what days! :O I am so happy I have time to exercise!! When I got here, I weighed 130 pounds and the other day I was 135. I really hope that it's muscle weight from working out every day and not fat weight from sitting in class all day, so I've been running a lot more. I run most of gym time (about 1 hour) and I'll try to do some ab workout and stuff as well.

Best wishes; I'm with you all in spirit! I love you all so much! Be safe and stuff! Zui jian! [good bye or more literally, to "see again"].

Fang Zhang Lao [Elder Fleming]