Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Weekly Email

 I got your care package on Saturday! It was AWESOME!!! :D Thank you all so so much!! :) It was so cool to get the package! Best Valentine's day ever! ;) I still don't believe in that holiday, though. ;) I loved the card, it was so funny and goes well with how I feel about that holiday. ;) I appreciated the banana bread! 8) I gave Elder Booth the Vegemite and his reaction was priceless! :) I wish you could have been there, thank you so much for sending that to him! :) He was so happy. :) He told me to give you all a kiss for him when I get home. ;) I got a picture of his initial reaction, it was a little blurry though. :) I will attach it in my picture email. :) 

It's been a good week! :) The devotionals we have are always really good and the spirit is always so strong here. :) My testimony has grown so much and just keeps growing; it's amazing. :) 

I haven't given a talk during sacrament meeting yet, but I've been able to bear my testimony (in Chinese) on fast Sunday. :) It was pretty cool and I was nervous, but bearing testimonies is always really good and I think is usually easier than giving a talk. :) I did get to bless the sacrament in Mandarin yesterday, which was both really cool and pretty intense! We are supposed to get the words right and on top of that we have tones that we have to get right! :o 

I have another cool story for you! It happened yesterday. My branch was asked to be a part of an test or a trial for a new classroom setup or something. I'll write a letter with more details, I don't have much time left and I still need to send pictures. We went off MTC area to these weird bubble things (like when they cover the AF pool during the winter) and inside there was a classroom set up and we watched a video of Elder Bednar giving a devotional. No one really said why we were there. It was really cool, though! ...and weird. :) I'll explain more in my letter. :)

I love you all and you are in my prayers!

Elder Fleming

Me after beating my previous pizza-slice record. My new record to beat: 13 slices. :)
Also, other teachers keep taking our Chinese hymn books, so I made a sleeve out of masking tape under my desk to hide it :) 
Elder Booth and his Vegemite. His initial reaction is the blurry one :)
This is the "experiment bubble" we went in. I have to say, it was kind of ominous. :) 
Inside of the experiment bubble--there  were mock classrooms and stuff set up. It was pretty sweet! 
I built the Lego snowspeeder. :D (we sent this in package.)
Pretty outside pictures 8) we are inside sooo much!! :o
Floor plans for the new building(s). I will need to come back here and see what they change. Apparently they're supposed to be huge!
Haha ok, so I had this hard-boiled egg from breakfast that I hadn't eaten yet and so we took this picture of me laying an egg. Hehe. :)