Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 7 :)

Yay, I finally know what week I'm on! ;) Whoa, it's so weird that I only have a little over 2 weeks left! :o I feel like I need another 9 weeks because I don't feel like I know anything yet! 

 It was awesome to get some snow on Saturday night! My district ran outside and played for a while. It's always funny to watch people who don't see snow much when it snows. :) It will be good to have some snow to hopefully ski on when Kip and Brian come out. :) 

Thanks for taking pictures for me! I really appreciate it!! :D I will let you know what happens about getting reassigned. I think that I am allowed to email you right when I get my reassignment so I can let you know what is going on, which is really nice. :) [visas to Taiwan are backed up and missionaries have been reassigned until the visas go through.]

Haha I'm not to the point of ramming my head against the wall yet, but I have laid an egg. ;) I think I gave you all that picture and story. :) If not, let me know and I'll tell you. :) It's really repetitive here, which is both good and bad I guess. :) It's hard to get up at 6:30 every day and not being able to just sleep for a couple extra minutes (or hours) ;) I'm doing really well here and I am just trying to learn all I can and be obedient as possible so I can qualify for the Holy Ghost to be with and help my companion and I. :) I LOVE my district! :) They are all so amazing and I really like all of them! I get along well with all of them and they are all really cool people. :)  Sometimes I have a hard time with them and it can be frustrating, but it doesn't last long, thankfully. :) I feel like I am steadily learning the language but I don't know anything I feel like! :o One of my favorite parts about being here is the Spirit and the Devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday and the amount of time we have to study the Gospel. :) Least favorite would be being inside all the time. Our residence is in the basement and our classroom is in the basement and we don't get fresh air very often. :/ One thing I would want to change I think is to have more personal study time and more gym time :D

I love you all and it was sooo awesome to hear about how your week went! :D I love you lots and you are always in my prayers! :) 

Elder Fleming

He wasn't able to attach pictures to his emails this week. :(