Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 5 or Something

Our zone on our temple walk :)
A sister had her birthday while here in the MTC, so we made her a donut cake with a "candle" :)
We found some of those clown balloons one day and almost gave ourselves aneurysms by trying to inflate them. Haha! :)
We finally were able to blow them up, though, yay! :)
So, one of the Elders in our district really likes those helicopter seeds. Over the past few weeks, we have been developing this game where we try to keep one of them in the air. It's a lot like hackey sack but with a seed that spins around and we hit it with our hands instead of our feet. :) We call it helo-seed. :) Some of the games get really intense! :)
My name tag. :) I don't have the one with all of it in Chinese yet, but when I do, I'll send a picture of it to you. :)
We left a little surprise for one of the sisters. It's this little rubber hand that Elder Williams received in one of his care packages. :) We gave her chocolate afterwards, so she forgave us. :)

I heard in Taichung in the south it's supposed to be warmer than in the north. I am excited to see all the palm trees, though!! :) (This was in response to the fact that it was warmer here than in Taiwan on Saturday.)

Yeah, I'm doing fine here. :)  If you wanted to send me some pictures of things that are going on there and of what you are doing every once in a while, that would be awesome! I like to see the pictures that go along with the stories you tell. :) I don't think that I can get them from the computer, so if you emailed me some like you did this week and then maybe every once in a while send me some hard copies, I'd really appreciate it. :) 

 I really miss you all! I remember the blessing when I was set apart that you will be blessed and protected and that really helps. :) It doesn't stop me from praying for you all the time, though. ;) We had a devotional last night and the speaker showed us pictures of missionaries before they left and after they got back. The change of their countenance was amazing to see! I wonder if I'll be like that! :) 

 I love you all and miss you a lot but I know that you're being protected and blessed!! :D You're always in my thoughts and prayers! :) Love you so much! :D

Elder Fleming