Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Excerpts from a letter dated 2/19/15

Dear Fam,
I got your pictures yesterday. Thank you so much! I love getting pictures of you! It was funny that you wore my clothes and I laughed. I was really confused at first, but it was funny. :) Clothes pictures

I realized today that I only have 19 days left here at the MTC, which is a little sad, but it really freaks me out! I feel like I haven't prepared enough here and stuff!

I am also loving the warm weather! It is so nice! My companion from Las Vegas has a hard time with the "cold" sometimes. :)

Haha it is funny grandpa wants to call me fang! ;) That will be super cool of them to come out and hang out with you. :) Give them my love for me and let them know that I will miss them!:)

Oh yeah, the new soccer season is starting soon! I almost forgot! that's awesome, go Real! I didn't know we got Olave back, that's cool! We lost Wingert, too?!

That was so exciting to hear about the visas! I'm so glad that's being cleared up! (Taiwan signed some visas for missionaries who were temporarily reassigned in November and December so they were able to go over.) We really need missionaries in Taiwan. Elder Chen from my district has been to Taiwan a couple of times and he says that they have a pretty good variety of foods. He also said that they don't eat fish very often, :D I am so bummed that I am missing the Chinese New Year and all the festivities, I am so excited for it! It's really sad that I will only have one Chinese New Year in Taiwan. Anyway, Elder Chen's mom sent him snacks and stuff they have commonly in Taiwan, and it's all been really good! :) I was so excited to hear about the November and December missionaries getting their visas!! That was so awesome to hear about!!

The Valentine's Day package was so awesome!! Thank you so much! :)

I had a weird dream the other day. It was a bad dream because before I went to bed I was tired (of course), then I fell asleep and had a dream I went throughout my day and had class and stuff, but the whole time I was really tired! And then I woke up and I was still tired! Haha, it was like I was tired for almost 3 days straight! :) I'm usually tired, but at least I can take a break by sleeping.:) It was pretty funny.

Well, I hope that you are all doing well! I miss you all very much and I love you very much! I am getting emails from Grandma Franklin and I will be responding to her soon, I just haven't really had the time :(. Please let her know that I really appreciate her writing me.:)

I love you all very much and you are all always in my prayers. :) Moroni 8:3 :) Love you all! Take care! Zai jian!

Elder Fleming