Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Missionaries "Dan Jones"ing Video

Dear Parents of newly arrived missionaries,

They're here! Their testimonies and faith will change this island forever!
Here is a video of an incredible experience they had to share the Gospel by "Dan Jones"ing and screaming out their testimony to all that would hear!

Dan Jones was an extremely active missionary who famously stood on a box and preached to the crowds. He was amazingly successful in his missionary efforts in Wales. In honor of him, and to give the young missionaries a taste of active missionary work, new missionaries go to a busy night market on the first night of their mission in Taiwan, stand on a box , and preach to the crowd. It is a lot of fun, and they generally collect a lot of referrals for later teaching in wandering the market after the "box preaching."

Thank you all so much for giving us your missionary for two years! We will take care of them! J

Video Link:

Elder Tolman 陶長老
Taiwan Taichung Mission Operations Manager