Elder Fleming

Elder Fleming

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 9 :O

I can't believe it's already week 9! I feel like I just got here on one hand and on the other I feel like I have been here for forever! :) We got papers telling us about reassignments on Friday last week and it was a huge wake up call! It's really weird knowing that our time here is almost up. We only have probably 8 days left here. It is kind of scary and also pretty cool. :) Elder Booth got his travel plans because he has his visa already, so he will be going to Taiwan as scheduled. The rest of us got our names put in for reassignments, so we don't know when and where we are going yet. We are supposed to email you when we get our reassignments, so on Thursday or Friday I'll know and let you know what is going on with that. :) When we got our papers telling us that our names were put in for reassignments, we decided to pretend that we got our reassignments for the sisters in our district. I have a video which I will put in the dropbox account after I am in the field and if I can figure out how to use it. ;) We handed out the sister's papers telling them that their names were put in for reassignments but they thought it was the reassignment, so they got all excited and then realized it wasn't their reassignments. Haha it was pretty funny for us and I think it will be pretty funny to them... in a couple weeks. ;) I hope that story made sense, I'm trying to type quickly and tell you all what's going on and what has happened this past week. I haven't had much time lately. Yesterday, I got to help bless one of the Elders, Elder June to feel better. He was feeling sick and so we got to give him a blessing. It was really cool! I really need to memorize how to give blessings! And then I need to memorize how to do it in Chinese! :) 

 I'm glad you got to go skiing with Grandpa Kip! That is so fun and I wish I could have gone with you! :) Nicole says she's the new "Speed demon," haha! :) We'll have to race when I get back. ;) I'm sorry Uncle Brian couldn't make it, that's a bummer. :/ Oh well, maybe next year. :) 

I still need to write Grandma Franklin and thank her for writing me and tell her what's been going on and thank her for the cookies she sent me. 8) Yeah, I'll let you know my travel plans as soon as I can and know what they are. :) 

 I don't know what or when or where I'm going until next Thursday or Friday. I am actually kind of hoping that I'll get to stay here for a couple more days or week or something. :) I could really use the extra time to study and learn and stuff. :) The Mandarin is coming along alright. :) I feel like I don't know anything, though! :) Every time I talk with people for a lesson or something, I have a new list of words that I need to learn! :) I think that I will be ok though, and hopefully I'll be able to pick up the language pretty quickly. :)

 I love you all and I am going to try to write you more often! I love and miss you! Oh, how's the blog going? I'm kind of curious to see what you've put on it so far. :) anyway, I'll be trying to send you some pictures soon. :) Love you! 

Elder Fleming
My companion enjoying the snow (he is from Las Vegas)
Found a new game. We call it "district duels." We get those air thingys and stick them to our pants and draw and pop them at each other. Haha. :) Good stuff. :)
Elder Williams has great draw speed!! :)

District temple walk
 Elder June's family sent him a tie that is just like mine but red! :) We had to get a picture of it. :)